How To Let Go

Mend’s tried and true program to detox from a relationship and get your life back again.


What You'll Learn

Research shows us that going through a breakup is much like going through withdrawal. In order to clear your mind and focus on your healing, we recommend an ex detox, but we know that “no contact” is easier said than done.

This class will give you a better understanding of how staying in contact with your ex could hinder your mending, and will guide you through a 60-day detox. If you’re having trouble cutting communication with your ex, this class is for you.

This class also includes a bonus section on how to cultivate healthy habits for future relationships. Enrollment in this class also unlocks access to the private Mend community for heartbreak and burnout.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to access the class?
Internet connection and a way to listen to audio trainings (headphones or your laptop/computer speakers).
When does the class begin?
Whenever you decide! This is a self-paced class that you can begin and end whenever you’re ready, and you can come back and review lectures whenever you need.
What’s the refund policy?
We don’t offer refunds on classes, so we recommend that you read through the class description material in detail to make sure this class will meet your needs.
Email us at [email protected].

Your Instructor

Elle Huerta
Elle Huerta

Elle is the founder and voice behind Mend. Her work with Mend has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, Vogue, Vice, Bustle, Refinery 29, Fast Company, Elle, The Guardian, and The Washington Post.

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