Decoding Mixed Signals with Daniela Tempesta

If the relationship you dreamed of isn't unfolding as you planned, this class will help you clear confusion and know where you stand.

When I ask my clients why they are staying in a situation where the person is sending signals that they're unavailable or are not treating them the way they deserve, I often hear something like:

"Our chemistry is through the roof!"

or "I can’t stop thinking about him...I must really like him."

But it begs the question: is this true chemistry or are you just confusing it for something else, like mixed signals or anxiety?

In this class, I will share the difference between chemistry and mixed signals, and why they often get confused. I'll also help you shift your perspective on dating so that you can retrain yourself to look for the right signals and end up in a healthy relationship.

If you're constantly trying to decode someone's behavior, or you feel like you're stuck living on breadcrumbs but don't know how to make a change, this class is for you.

Your Instructor

Daniela Tempesta
Daniela Tempesta

Daniela Tempesta is a psychotherapist and coach based in San Francisco. She received her undergraduate degree from Stanford and her Masters in Social Work from USC. She trained in a variety of therapeutic settings, including a high crime public school in LA and an innovative program for foster youth, and eventually opened her own private practice. In 2014, after unexpectedly losing her mom to cancer, she briefly took over her mother's biscotti business, which you can read about in The New York Times. She returned to private practice in 2016 and integrated everything she had learned about entrepreneurship with her expertise in therapy to found The Tempesta Group in 2017.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to access the class?
Internet connection and a way to listen to audio trainings (headphones or your laptop/computer speakers).
When does the class begin?
Whenever you decide! This is a self-paced class that you can begin and end whenever you’re ready, and you can come back and review lectures whenever you need.
What’s the refund policy?
We don’t offer refunds on classes, so we recommend that you read through the class description material in detail to make sure this class will meet your needs.

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